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Morning Wood,

Welcome to the board! Congrats on being "one of the few"! F/A's are a wonderful thing to be able to own, and I'm not ashamed to say that I'm jealous, being from Illinois.

That being said, You'll find some WONDERFUL tutorials on the homepage here. Loboslanding has gone the extra mile to run through the basics and safety steps for complete disassembly and tuning these weapons. There is also a forum dedicated to Class-III weapons, if you should find more information is needed. (I don't recall a "timing" section, as those toot's are generally set up for the semi's that don't need to be timed).

I'm sure with your experience level, you'll fall right in. Be prepared, though... Your knowledge will be one of those things that will carry you into the "RKI" group in a hurry!

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