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2008 Ft. Gordon Ga. Machine Gun Shoot Schedule Nov. 1st

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The FGSC will be hosting the 2008 Machine Gun Fun Shoots on the following dates:

June's Shoot has been CANCELLED. We will hope for a better turnout for November's shoot.

November 1, 2008

These events are by Pre-Registration ONLY.

Targets are Hard Targets from 700 - 1875 meters out.

Positions are limited and are first come first served.

Firearms may be bolt, lever, semiauto, F/A, etc. All NFA rules and regulations apply.

Please contact me regarding registration at famihmii NoSpam at knology . net
obviously leaving out spaces and hopefully the blocker as well.

Thank You,
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"Targets are Hard Targets from 700 - 1875 meters out."

Hmmm, my Lahti, M2, and Barrett would love to plink hard targets! LOL

I am going to do some recon and see where this place is and how far from nePA.

You would not be the first to attend the shoot from PA, nor the last I'm sure. Send me an email and I'll send you more info regarding the shoot. Oh and there isn't anything you've mentioned that hasn't already made the trip here.
Partisan 50 email not received. Check your pm's

The window is now open to registration for this shoot.
Registrations must be received back by 10-10-08,

email me for more information.

f amihm iiAT knology dot net

1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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