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Piney Mountain .22 tracer....this ammo WORKS! Mfd from CCI 22lr with a nice crimp around mouth of case. BRIGHT RED trace out to 100 plus yards! I ran this ammo through my American 180 at the OFAST shoot last month. 2 drums for the night shoot. First drum 1 in 5 and second drum 1 in 3. Everyone was very impressed with how well the ammo cycled on full auto and how bright the trace was. A vendor near me at the shoot is now a customer selling to his retailers. This ammo is a flat out ball in 1022's, even in bright daylight the trace is EASILY visible!

In addition to running this ammo through my Am180 and Ruger 1022 I have also ran it in my Walther P-22 with suppressor. Excellent reliability in all these guns. Priced at 175.00 per 500rd brick OR 36.00 + 10 frt for 100rds. This is significantly less expensive than any other ad I've found on the internet! I have attached a link to a shot video running through my Am180 at the bottom of this page.

Video link.....


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Just a bump for Steve,
This chit was really fun to see at OFAST. Now if he would have every one a tracer.:p Running it in the P-22 was a blast too!
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