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223 vs 556

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Starting to reload again.I've reloaded shells several times with out checking case length and never had a problem in my AR.Bought some once fired miltary brass and started checking case length.The cases varied quite abit.Took the longest case,resized it and dropped it in the barrel.It seated all the way in.Doe,s the military have a different case length than commertial,or is a 556 chamber different than 223?
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Thanks for all the info.Now I know why I never had any problems with not checking overall case length when reloading for my AR.Last time I reloaded was back in the 80's before all the surplus hit the market.I do have a case length gage.I just wanted to see if the longer case would chamber in a 556 barrel.I will be checking oal and case trimming from now on to be on the safe side.It's amazing how much safer we get with age.Thanks again.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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