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30-06 Ammo

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I have heard both good and bad stuff about Talon 30-06 FMJ BALL and there Tracers. I purchased 600 rounds of the FMJ BALL ammo and was hoping to buy some Tracers and insert one every fith round. But I have heard negative stuff about Talon's Tracers. I have not fired my 1919a4 as of yet and looking for more feedback first. Should I keep the Talon FMJ BALL ammo? How about there Tracers? What 30-06 ammo and Tracers would you recommend me use? I have seen lots of 30-06 Lake City ammo made back in the 60's on GunBroker.com, are they corrosive and bad to use? :confused:
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....corrosive 30/06

U.S. made,military,has not been corresive since 1957-58. Anything made past that date is not. Never heard of any corresive pistol ammo that the US made.
Thanks for the info. I found a guy that has several hundred rounds of Lake City 30-06 FMJ BALL made '69 and Lake City 30-06 Tracers made '69. Which is the better ammo to use in my Browning 1919a4 Talon reloads or the old Lake City ammo?
LC is obviously going to work quite well so don't be worried about using that. Talon had some bad rep awhile back, but it was in regards to OAL and not any componants that I am aware of. It's just remanufactured from military ammo that was pulled apart for resale. I haven't fired any Talon 30-06, but I've not heard anything bad about it either. I don't think either one would be corrosive anymore.
I assure you that LC made 30-06 up until 1972. As I have purchased it thru the CMP. Mostly it's 1969 right now. And I don't care what anyone says, the Greek ammo is nice, but I prefer the LC ammo from CMP.

If you don't order from the CMP, you need to, and get ammo too, best deal on 30-06 around.

Shot about 200rnds of Talon tracer through my BAR. No problems whatsoever except for the price. Decided to load my own on my Dillon instead. Still have about 300 rnds left of the Talon, Which I will use after I run out of my reloads.:)
No doubt about it. CMP's M-2 Ball was originally linked for 1919 guns, so it was made by the US Military contractor specifically for that purpose. I have also fired a LOT of Talon M-2 ball shooting CMP matches with my Garands and had no problems at all. It is also reloadable, with the military crimp already taken out, not that that matters to guys who like to turn money into noise :).
I had extemely good luck with the Korean 30-06. I found the Talon 50 cal to be great so if they reload '06 just as well then I would have no problem trying it in my guns.
Lobo have you reloaded any of the Korean stuff? I found the primer pockets a little deep on some of the Korean I tried reloading (just for hunting whitetail here) and had to pull them all. I think I have about 600 empty cases sitting here at the moment. It sure ran good in the A4 before reloading though! :)
Brass, yes I did and maybe mine was a different year, but it re-loaded well.
L999here said:
U.S. made,military,has not been corresive since 1957-58. Anything made past that date is not. Never heard of any corresive pistol ammo that the US made.
I've had a friend of a friend use WWII .45ACP ammo that was corrosive and ruined his purdy WWII .45 cause he didn't clean it promptly enough :mad:
Yeah, you gotta get after it and neutralize it with ammonia pretty quick after shooting...even leaving it dirty overnight can be a problem. When I get home from shooting I immediately squirt Windex down the barrel and in the breach.
loboslanding said:
Brass, yes I did and maybe mine was a different year, but it re-loaded well.
Do you happen to remember what primer you used and did you open the primer pocket after resizing? That may be where I created a problem - opening up the pocket from the crimped primers.
It is true most US made Ammo was non-corrosive after 1954 with some lots made up to 1957. Anything made after that time would probably be non-corrosive. As far as I know during WWII the only non-corrosive ammo made was for the M1 Carbine. I hear some British ammo is coming into the country in 30-06 Cal. England continued to make mercuric and corrosive ammo after most western nations stoped at least in .303 and probably 30-06. I understand you can't (or shouldn't) reload this stuff. I have been using some Korean and some FN produced 30-06 and have had no problem with either. I have been told that as tracer ammo ages it will fail to trace much of the time. I have not had that much experience with it to know. What luck is everyone else having? I always clean my guns as if they had fired corrosvie ammo just in case. In the military that meant clean the first day until there is no carbon left on the patches, then clean again for two days after. this might be overdoing it but I have never ruined a barrel.
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Over the last couple of years I have gone thru over 6,000 rounds of Talon Tracer and maybe 1,000 rounds of the M2 Ball. All have been good except for a small batch of LC72 tracer. Out of 800 rounds I ran into a unknown amount of these rounds that were not crimped. After experiencing 4 misfires and 1 squib, I decided to check the ammo out further. I don't know what the lot number was, but it was dated 72. I had linked this ammo up a while back and didn't notice the crimping problem. I re-crimped (with my Dillion 550b) all of the remainder of these rounds and they fired correctly. I also found a couple of crushed cases in this batch. Where it looked like the machine that Talon was using using to re-install the bullet, was out of adjustment and literally crushed the case. It wouldn't fit in a case gage and obviously would not chamber.

Other than these few exceptions, Talon has been ok.
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