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hey Stanamale1,

Here is a .30 T&E -

Here's the .50 -

The easiest way to tell the differences, is the 50's body sleeve is longer. Also, the "U" shape clamp that rides the traverse bar is larger than the .30 and is a straight wall "U" while the .30 is beveled.
The mounting chain tab on the 50 T&E, (looking at it from the rear as if mounted to the pod) will be on the left side mounted horizontally, while the The 30s' is on the right and mounted vertically.
More clues when you know what to look for, is the 50's traverse Yoke threads are larger than the .30, and is also a tad shorter.
Receiver mounting pins and chains are universal, but do have their slight differences (you can see em in the pics).

The M60 T&E is just like the .30, but it won't have a chain tab.
And the body sleeve shape is a little different than 1919 T&E, but they're virtually the same and parts will interchange.

The .30/M60 and 50 parts won't interchange, except for little things like a washer, locking nut, springs etc..

Hope this helps some!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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