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5.56 Reloading Question

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I reloaded a few 5.56 IMG (Guatemalan) once fired brass.
Used 25 grains of WCC 846 powder and 55 gr boat tail bullets from Weideners.
The powder label showed a max charge of 26 grains. The sierra folks said to use BLC(2) powder data which shows 27 grains as a max load and 25 grains as a starting load.
When I fired a few rounds (10) 2 of the 10 rounds showed no bulges but some cracking / splitting just below the shoulder, only enough to be visible to the eye.
My concern is that on these cases, when I went to clean and deburr the primer flash hole it was too small to get the deburring tool into.
I checked some Remington 223 cases and some LC brass to see the size of the flash hole. both were were larger than the IMG - same size as my flash hole deburring tool .
Don't flame me guys, but I forced the deburring tool to open up the flash hole. At the time it seemed the thing to do....now maybe not. Anyway, do you think that opening up the flash hole could be causing some excessive pressure problems or something?
My estimate is that I need to back off of the powder a little more, but the flash hole thing made me wonder.
I am going to chrono. a couple of rounds next week with a friend of mine to see if the velocity is excessive. I will also try lighter powder charges
Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.
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Split Cases and Powder

I would suggest that you do your testing again with a "known" brand of brass that you are confident of so you can eliminate that factor on trying a new load. Once you are certain of the pressure and velocity then try the new brass with the same loads and check for any signs of cracking or primers backing out of the pocket.
And yes, surplus powder will vary between lots just as all powder does. It is just with surplus powder as opposed to say IMR-3031, where each lot of IMR-3130 is blended to the same standards to coincide with reloading tables, surplus powder will vary as it is not held to the same standards.
As another example say you were to ask the Winchester staff how many grains of what powder should I use to match the factory load of a certain round, they cannot tell you. This is because they blend their powder to meet the specs now shown on most commercial ammunition boxes.
I have not used any of my WC 846 yet, so I appreciate the data you have posted here. I would like to see reloading added as another catagory on the site.
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