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I have 105 rounds of 50 BMG to sell. 37 rounds are match and 68 are ball.

Here's the match.

HSM 750gr AMAX moly coated. 1 full box of 10 and one box of 8. $5 a round for $90.

TTI Armory 750gr AMAX, 1 full box and one with 9. Same price, $5 each for $95.

TTI Armory 647gr ball, 6 full boxes and one with 8. Asking $3 each for a total of $204. The bullets are pull down but are very clean and it's hard to find the pull marks.

All brass and powder are new, not pull down or once fired. HSM uses Win. commercial brass with the CAL 50 headstamp. TTI Armory uses PSD brass, one of the best.

All prices are less shipping which will be via UPS. Buy it all and we can work out a deal. PM me here or email me at [email protected]8
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