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50 BMG Prices Presently?

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What are people paying for 50 bmg these days? Not looking for what someone paid for a one time deal, but actual market rate on 150 round cans. Thanks for the guidance.

Who has it?
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where are you seeing igman for $3?

as that is the general reload price right now. sad to say it but that seems to be the case.

hmm that is a better option than th ebarrett ammo

group buy anyone? hahaha

i can get down for about 1-2k rounds but really that is it.

have the bullets been sized?
this is a question for the weaponeer group buy right? as the south african stuff listed above is loaded, although berdan primed.

and at the prices he is asking i am betting that bullets are unsizes and the brass is once fired, not processed.

1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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