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Allied Armament has a ton of new .50 cal ammo ready to go. The price depends on the bulk you buy. It will be 2.90 a round if you buy under a 1,00. If you buy over a 1,000 then its 2.60 a round and if you buy 5,000 or over its 2.40 a round. So its great ammo for a awesome price thanks. If you would like to purchase this ammo give me a call at the office ask for Ryan. Our ph # is 503-543-5154 thanks

50 caliber ammo loaded by Allied Armament Inc. Looking for ammo we've got it and its high quality read below. All ammo is loaded on once Fired 2003-2006 Lake City Brass that has been Resized, Primer Punched Repocketed & Replaced Bullet Pulled API (Armor Piercing Incendiary) resized 647 grain Powder 5010 218 grains All Bullets and casings are gauged and crimped in final assembly All Ammo is guaranteed to work flawlessly, satisfaction guaranteed. Limited Quantities Available 1000 rounds or greater quantities call Shipping not included, all ammo shipped UPS

Ryan Wohlgemuth
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