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nticed this add, in the parts section !!

USGI M3 Tripod for M2 Browning .50 BMG with T&E and pintle. This is not the foreign made military contract tripods that have been popping up. This is a USGI M3 Tripod and is stamped as such. Prefect for your Semi or full auto Browning .50 BMG or dummy gun. Excellent condition but not perfect. This tripod does have a few mirror issues. Each leg should have a guide screw. There is a channel in all three extending legs. The missing screw guides the leg out straight to the point you lock it into place. These screws do NOT effect the stability of the tripod, you simply have to extend the legs and maybe turn them a little to lock into place. Also the front leg seems to be sprung a little but WILL tighten up. A little extension on the handle will help. Here again, it does NOT effect the operation of the tripod. Tripod with used T&E and UNISSUED PINTLE. T&E is missing the locking lever and pin with chain. Pintle has no bolt but is still in original waxed paper wrapper. All these things are minor and can be overcome if you need the tripod.
Tripod weighs about 50 pounds. That makes it one heavy package. Price is $1285 shipped, in continental US.
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