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50 dollar 1919 oil can?

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I saw this on the advertising side bar on the left side of 1919a4.com:

51.00 dollars for an oil can? :eek:
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Wow, 12 bids and it sold for $51.00. I guess i got a steal on the one I bought off Ebay for $10.00. Or the ones at the gun show for $8.00
Yikes! And to think I've been giving them as gifts to friends and fellow shooters. I still have 20 of each, brass and steel spouts. I'll let em' all go as a package, for the bargain price of $795.00 (plus shipping of course!) :D
Hey! does the first "I'll take 'em" take 'em? ;)

I don't want to pay shipping though!:D
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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