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This may belong in Ammo Dump, apologies.

I have done quite a bit of 50 loading over the last few months and thought I would share the data.

Brass is new unfired Lake City, 2015 head stamp, projectiles are 650gr new not pulled. Rifle is Armalite AR50. Chronograph was set at 78 feet from muzzle.

Of course results may vary, start low, don't use this data only use data published by the powder manufacturer. WC860 and WC872 are bulk powders, not canister powder, the charge weight varies from batch to batch to obtain a certain velocity and pressure.

The first rds fired are lab reference rds known to clock at 3025 in a test bbl. The velocity of these in my AR50 sets the standard velocity I need to hit with my reloads to be in spec for M33. All velocities are average of 5 rds.

Lab refrence rd 2833 FPS in 36" bbl , this is my benchmark

Powder WC872 650gr Ball. 36" bbl

220gr 2564 fps
224gr 2594 fps
226gr 2640 fps
228gr 2688 fps Runs m2 very nicely
230gr 2624 fps at this point velocty dropped and muzzle flash became pronounced in 36" bbl
232gr 2654 fps
234gr 2693 fps Best all round M2 load with this powder
236gr 2715 fps
238gr 2755 fps
240gr 2809 fps

Powder WC860 650gr Ball, 36" bbl

230gr 2748 fps
232gr 2789 fps
234gr 2818 fps
235gr 2836 fps
236gr 2855 fps

I know the ref rds used contained 235gr of WC860 and my 235gr results are almost spot on.

This is where I stopped in todays testing, with warmer rounds I was a little over 100rds and I hit my magic number with both powders. At some point in the next few weeks I will repeat the same test with the M2 , not that it matters, just curious.

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...well done...!!!

Thank you for posting this info. My loading did not get such detailed as yours...I stopped when the the 3-shot groups were touching at 500 yds. with a bolt gun. The M2HB,as you specified,might take a bit more work. Hard to check accuracy with a FA gun unless you have a better range...like KC...to play with....LOL. Appreciate your efforts....

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Or an accuracy modified M-2/3 :firedevil: !! It can be done and has by Buddy Clifton (RIP :( ) . Took his modified M-2 to Aberdeen Proving Grounds at their invitation no less and before a pack of amazed Generals proceeded to put 20 single fire mode rounds thru a 20' X 20' sheet at 3800 yards not one missed the sheet .....

The modification is really quite simple ,O rings :rofl: a spaced pair cut into the trunnion bearing with a grease passage and the barrel support done the same way . He actually had 2 zerk fitting drilled and tapped in the barrel support , yes the barrel was no ordinary issue one but was SS cut rifled to be exact with exactly by a master ,the same contour and dimensions as an issue barrel right down to the notches . Barrels capable of sub MOA consistently !
With every thing right both 1919`s and M-2/3 are capable of Great accuracy :D my 1919 has shot 5 rounds in a 1" circle one right after the other :cool: .

I just happen to own one of Buddy`s special barrels that i can do the same to one of mine :D but what i have is a 48" 2 1/2" 40 Lb. blank :( and it is going to cost $$$ to have it machined and chambered !! He He:tongue: i already own a set of chamber reamers GI dimensions ,only time and Money :cashwallet: will tell .I would like to do it in tribute to a good friend and Master of Accuracy with 50 BMG :rolleyes:.....
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