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50 rnd drums

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sportsman guide has 40 rnd drums for 1911's,Glock's and Rugar's and 50 rnd drum for 10/22:cool:
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Hey my buddy has one of these drums for the 1911 if they are the ProMag ones... Warning it may take some time to get this item running right they are a little picky would not run .45 Ball ammo out of the box we had to use semi wadcutter reloads and only loaded the drum halfway... So far it may just have to be broken in...We haven't had much time to break it in as we can't bring it home from our play day Nevada:D

If anyone has the one for the 10/22 please post as to how well it functions
thanks guys...
It did not say name but when I looked at picture close it is Pro Mag. I might get one for my P90 and try it out. Even 20 or 30 rounds would be fun but it might be a bit heavy!

Oh yes it does get a little heavy but when shooting the 45 acp without a comp it helps keep your muzzle down... To load the drum was a problem I had to Call promag which is located in California.... They didn't speak very good English but I told the guy you guys need to put pictures in the directions because your instructions suck for using the tool they send with the drum to load it...
I am yet to see any positive review of these drums. Everything seems to be negative.

If anybody knows of any positive reviews, please post a link.
Thats funny,,a company in CA can make high cap mags for a state that bans high cap firearms!!!:p :p
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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