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7.62 Parts kit for sale. $950 plus actual shipping. $25 goes to 1919A4 website. Paypal but you pay fees.

Condition. A bunch of typical used gun parts. Barrel bore shiny but no way to measure.

I have to claim a little ignorance on the 1919A4 parts kit. Ive taken a few pictures and I think you can make a determination if it is complete or not.

I would like to say that if you receive the parts kit and anything is missing not mentioned I either have it and will send it your way for free.

What I know is missing is the screw for the sight and breech lock cam. Realized I put a part for the blank firing kit in photo. This is not included.

M8, M9, M10 and T&E pin included.

R.I.A. Marked on two places

All S.G. Marked parts including the bottom plate. Bolt marked S.G. but didnt pull apart to check the rest. Sight marked S.G. not base.

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