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AA7DAE1A-A86C-4D22-87AF-CF37659C10F7.jpg I have two case sizes. Think that it’s Bulgarian but really don’t remember well

I have 10 of the smaller case and 7 of the larger. Does anyone remember how many are in each?

I can’t find any surplus available for sale anywhere and thought the price was 35-40 cents a round the last time I looked. But that was a long time ago.

Anyone have any info st all?

Bigger one 1440 or 1400, they came in 70 round boxes. It’s better ammo than the smaller case... I want to say that was 800 rounds.

Last I checked it’s down in price with how cheap 9mm new is.

Check ar15.com Ammo sales forum as it’s always on there for what it’s actually bringing.
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