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Not mine just cut and copied it from another site....

3300+ rounds 7.62x54R (surplus/commercial) + brass FTF (WA)


I have the following 7.62x54R ammunition for sale. Please read the ENTIRE listing before you email me with offers.

- *SPF* Albanian brass-cased steel core light ball (magnetic and corrosive), 20 round paper/string wrap, 88/3 headstamp (should be 1988 manufacture). Typical Albanian with varying rim thickness. Occasionally had difficulty getting the bolt to close on some rifles but it shot well. 180 rounds, $27 FTF.

- Hungarian lacquered steel-cased steel core light ball (magnetic and corrosive), 15 round boxes, in an opened 440 round tin, 21/87 (so should be 1987 manufacture). I got this thinking I'd blow through it before the Russian stuff and that's the reason the tin was opened. I haven't fired a single round of it. 440 rounds, $75 FTF.

- Russian bimetal-cased copper washed steel core light ball (magnetic and corrosive), 20 round paper wrap with staples, 60/84 headstamp (should be 1984 manufacture). Two (2) unopened 440 round tins (I have the openers), and two 20-round packages, total of 920 rounds, $156 FTF.

- Yugoslavian brass-cased copper jacketed lead core heavy ball (NON-magnetic and corrosive, berdan primed), 15 round boxes, Cyrillic characters over "1975" (should be 1975 manufacture). I ordered a whole bunch back when I could find it because of the restrictions at my local range; you can have what's left. 840 rounds, $168 FTF.

- "JMS" marked brass-cased copper jacketed lead core heavy ball (NON-magnetic and NON-corrosive, boxer primed), 15 round boxes, JMS/02 headstamp. I've heard mixed reports about where this came from. Some people have said it's remarked Igman, some say it's Winchester-contract Serbian, etc. All I know is it's boxer primed, shoots well enough that I can put two-three rounds out of five in a poker card at 100 yards, I don't have to worry about setting fires, and I don't have to clean up immediately afterwards because of corrosion concerns. This is the stuff that CDNN had listed as "180gr FMJ". Out of the 380 rounds I've fired, exactly two when click-boom (slight delay after primer impact), but otherwise it's been peachy. It came in "7.62x54R" marked ammo cans. 420 rounds each in two cans, plus three 15 round boxes, for a total of 885 rounds, $220 FTF.

- Igman commercial brass-cased copper jacketed lead core 150gr JSP (NON magnetic and NON-corrosive, boxer primed), 20 round boxes. JE223 was kind enough to test this on ballistic gel for me. 75 rounds, $26 FTF.

I haven't done a count yet, but I've got a small box of the JMS brass to go with it. I will drive to meet someone within a reasonable range of the TriCities area of Washington state. I will not split a lot of any of it (ALL the Albanian has to go at once, or ALL the Russian, etc).

Now for the special. I will sell all of this, every last cartridge including the boxer-primed JMS and Igman, for just a tad under $0.15/round, under the following conditions.

1. You come pick it up in the TriCities. If I have to cart it outside the city limits, it's full price.
2. You buy ALL the ammunition, every last round. You can have the brass, the ammo cans, the openers, and my thanks.
3. Condition three removed, somebody bought one of the rifles. If any more of the individual lots sell, this offer is off the table.

If you find a better deal than that, let me know because I'll buy it myself.

I will not ship any of it, but again I would be willing to meet someone somewhere.

Pictures of headstamps and the collection at the link below.


Email to clickclickboom at grimjaw dot net.
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