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Well I finally got everything worked out and produced a couple of conversions for customers and everything checks out good.

This upgrade allows you to shoot ANY 54r without changing anything. You can run mixed belts with no issues.

I'm ready to offer the upgrade service to any existing conversion I have made for $270 delivered
What I need for the upgrade is the following:
54R bolt
54R barrel
Complete barrel extension.

The conversion consists of the 3 parts married as a set.
The set up is simple:
Screw barrel all the way into the barrel extension.
Back out until barrel fits into the t-slot on the bolt.

Your DONE. Install and go to town.

I can only accept 5 conversions a month for this upgrade. Turn around is 30 days (I will do my best to be timely)

PM me for shipping and payment details. I'll post a pic of the barrel/bolt/extension setup later


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