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I have some 8mm ammo for sale. Sold my 8mm 1919a4 and don't need the ammo.

1. 800 rounds of Romy ( headstamp marked "22 77") Price
2. 150 rounds Romy, belted same as above
3. 21 bandoleers of Turkish 8mm (70 rounds each) Total 1470 on 5ound stripper clips
the rest I bought from a member and never opened them, here is the list.

176 of east german - this is what I have used in the past-good stuff
60 Idon't honestly know cryllic (I think) lettering on boxes
140 of I don't know on stripper clips in 2 bandoleers (I've also shot this-good stuff)

All priced at .26 round plus actual shipping or FTF.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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