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8x63 Swede build Q: reamer, barrel, which base?

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The main question is where can I get a reamer made?
Clymer is overbooked and is not taking orders. I have their drawing, is there anybody else who makes custom reamers?

I was planning to use MG34 barrel for a build - is that a good idea? I know it's a tad shorter than 1919 barrel. How long do those MG34 barrels live?

And finally, I have a choice of 7.62nato or 30-06 semi auto to use as a starting point? Which to choose? In principal, I am leaning towards 7.62 as I may end up with some ammo in that calibre to burn. Technically, is there any difference in converting 7.62 or 30 cal 1919 semi to 8x63 Swede?

Thanks for your help!
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I bought a bunch of the barrels from Sarco years ago when they ran the 3 for 49.95 special with free shipping. I built barrels for my 1919 out of them and converted them to 8mm mauser. It was more complicated than I initially thought as the 8X63 has a bigger diameter body in addition to the longer case. I'd still use them if I need an 8mm mauser barrel but I'd use a threaded insert to rechamber them. The bore is the same as the German 7.92 stuff. They are really good quality barrels too. I ran them as aircooled and despite the heavy use they retained good rifling longer than some of the german MG barrels.

For those looking for reamer makers you might check with JGS reamers in Oregon or Washington state. I use Manson for a lot of stuff but JGS is also an excellent maker. PTG is ok too but they're seldom able to keep their promised delivery dates.

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