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8x63 Swede build Q: reamer, barrel, which base?

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The main question is where can I get a reamer made?
Clymer is overbooked and is not taking orders. I have their drawing, is there anybody else who makes custom reamers?

I was planning to use MG34 barrel for a build - is that a good idea? I know it's a tad shorter than 1919 barrel. How long do those MG34 barrels live?

And finally, I have a choice of 7.62nato or 30-06 semi auto to use as a starting point? Which to choose? In principal, I am leaning towards 7.62 as I may end up with some ammo in that calibre to burn. Technically, is there any difference in converting 7.62 or 30 cal 1919 semi to 8x63 Swede?

Thanks for your help!
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About those barrels...Along with adding a bushing to the muzzle you need to add a bushing to the breech end..There for a water cooled gun and the shank is 1.125 Dia..It should end up along the line of the A6 barrels..They ARE nice barrels...That would also be WAY cheaper than getting a reamer made....Lou
Which Sarco barrel are you referring to? I am afraid I am just not seeing it on their site. They have a bunch of 30-06, 308 and 8x57 barrels, but not the Swede or I am missing something.
We bought a few last year, sleeved them, and put in chamber inserts for 8mauser; fantastic barrel in the 1919A4, with great steel and rifling.
What's chamber insert?
The bad news is

that there is no more ammo anywhere in the world, so this project is mothballed.

I got a word that there is no more 8x63 surplus ammo on both sides of the pond.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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