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A Few Things I'm Parting With

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Hi guys. I’m posting these items here first, before listing on auction sight, since everyone here has been so helpful to me in the past, and I regard this as my first family of shooting enthusiasts.

I’m kinda cleaning out the gun racks of things I don’t use much anymore. Funds can be used for the new house we are building, so as much as it hurts to let go, it’s a decision I’ve made.

1] Bren MKll Inglis 1943 parts kit.
Receiver has been rewelded with internal blocking side bar - done on a KJ jig – not by me.
While is will not function with included parts, I’m requiring an FFL for transferring the receiver. I’m not sure where ATF stands on 80% stuff anymore. No other internal cleanup work has been done on receiver, and no mods to the internal parts either. I cannot guaranty specs on the receiver, but as I said, it was done on a KJ jig by a competent welder.
All parts included, and one extra barrel is included.
Also includes a Bren Magazine case with 12 mags.
Also includes Bren Tripod – has T&E but no AA legs. Adapter for 1919 also available if interested.
Sold as is, and as a dummy gun project kit. With everything included in this, I think it's still a good buy, even as a Dummy Gun
$1200.00 plus actual S&H Reduced to $1100.00 plus S&H

2] Remington P17 Enfield – 30-06 Good+ condition
$525.00 shipped to FFL SOLD

3] Vector Arms Uzi w/barrel shroud and collapsible stock – test fired only - LNIB
$650.00 shipped to FFL (SOLD)

4] Swedish Mauser Rifle (M96?) 6.5X55 Cal. VG+ condition
$650.00 shipped to FFL

5] Hakim 8MM VG+ Functions great – ejects perfectly.
$550.00 shipped to FFL

6] 1903 Springfield MK1 w/Pederson Device cutout. Not an 03A3
VG+ condition - Excellent shooter!
$600.00 shipped to FFL (SOLD)

7][b/] 1919A4 parts

2 BA stripped top covers - $20.00 @ SOLD
2 BA barrel extensions - $35.00 @
1 SG barrel extension - $35.00 SOLD

1 BA 30-06 bolt with a P, small L in a square, and a large M in a circle.
I have no idea what it the markings stand for. Pic available. $140.00 SOLD

All plus S&H

The next two are package deal offers. I’d rather not split these up if I don’t have to.
Item 8] Ferret 50 (Spider Firearms) w/29” SS LW barrel. Complete upper and lower.
Super Sniper 20X scope. 100 rounds of Ball Ammo – 50 rounds Spotter Tracer
Ammo is Talon ammo. In cans – some on links.
Rifle has less than 75 rounds through it. Excellent condition. FFL required.
New Price - $3275.00 plus actual shipping. Face to face would be a lot cheaper and easier!

Item 9] 1919A4 Shorty (16.25” BBL) 8MM with extra barrel
Belt loading machine - .308/30-06/8MM works fine
MG3 Ground Tripod w/1919 Adapter
5 cans of loaded 8MM belted ammo (Yugo)
10,000 rounds (loose) Yugo ’52-’54 dated ammo
any extra belts and parts I find will be included free of charge.

This is my personal gun, built by me. It has run flawlessly since conception.
Has KMP trigger/sear, and internal parts were professionally milled and modified.
$4995.00 plus actual S&H. Again, F to F would be easier. Must transfer to FFL. Don’t worry – I’ll still have one 1919A4 with some linked ammo for later use, lol.

I will provide pics of everything listed above upon request, by email. Reasonable offers considered. Who knows?

Thanks – brass……
[email protected]
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Need More Info- Inglis, Springfield

I'm interested in both but need more info. Pls PM me so that I can get my info.
Or, just call:
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