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A6 pics

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I guess this is as good a place as any to post these. One set has the flash-hider, the other doesn't. Comments or suggestions please.

Thanks ahead for any input. Frazer
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I have the A6 post war cone flash hider, I may still pick up one of the repro WW II Boosters.

but my Question is Where are the Rivets on this gun? Did you counter sink them on the bottom plate? it looks smooth.

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frazer42;123828 the A6 kit took awhile!
I know what you mean, getting a correct U.S. military set took me 4 years
these are 1990's prices but still.......:D A6 Shroud 35.00, A6 complete flash hider assembly with clip, 40.00, barrel (traded for) 20.00, butt stock 30.00 All of the bits and pieces bought over time at MV rallies I used to find deals there... 50 M2 rear sights 30.00, MK-19 rear sights 2 of them 5.00 ea.... etc. etc. The Good 'ol days.....
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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