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After Head Space Set 1 click or 2?

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Was curious how many clicks out folks go after initial head space set on the 1919. I've seen the head space video on this site and he is a fan of 1 click out after initial head space is set. He also mentions some people prefer 2 clicks. Pretty sure I have a grasp on the 'why' we turn the barrel out 1 or 2 clicks (heat expansion etc.) but was curious what the preference is here by other 1919 shooters.

Lets say for example I am shooting quality, modern and reliable 7.62 or 30-06 and I'm not leaning on the gun until the barrel glows should one click out be sufficient?

Seems like I see most people speak of going with 2. Is it a Ford vs Chevy thing? Am I over thinking it and should just use 2 clicks out and forget about it?

Sorry for rambling. Being new to the 1919 enjoying learning about how mechanical things work (especially machine guns) I wonder these things sometimes.
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I've always done 2 clicks. You can certainly try 1 click or 2 clicks without risk, see what your gun likes. I think I've tried 3 or 4 clicks while troubleshooting before. Didn't fix the issue but didn't create any new ones.
My 1917 likes 3 clicks. I headspace outside the gun method.
Put me in the 2 click club. This is for 8mm and 308. It's been so long since I ran 30-06 I don't remember.
Shooting .308 full auto- my gun likes 2 clicks. Steel case Russian, iffy surplus, or quality newer brass- all the same for me.
I always run 2 clicks out and have never had any issues so I have not changed it.
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