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Aimpoint Group Buy Anyone?

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I am an Authorized Aimpoint Dealer, and was wondering if any of you folks would be up for a group buy on these fine optical sights. If 5 or more people can commit to purchase of a sight package, I could discount substantially.
Your choice of sight model!

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Great Idea!
I'm good for 1.
I would be in for one if they aren't too spendy. How much is one going to run? Thanks
more info?

I know nothing about these's,..What kind of price are you starting at now,and after #5..Just to get a idea on how much I am looking at..I just ordered a 1919 scope mount and spade grip's from Allied Armament, This would look good on top.. More info on the scope would be great ..GUNNER 50.
I want one for my M4 but it depends on how much of a discount since its not real high on my gun parts priority list.:)
No info needed!

I just looked at your web site..To much scope for me..If it is a scope?

Depends on the discount? If it is good enough then I would be in for one. Also will you be having a special on the mounts?
Could be in for one depending on the price! Looking at one for my m4
I'm interested.
GUNNER 50 said:
I just looked at your web site..To much scope for me..If it is a scope?
What you saw on my website may have been the Weaver 3-9x40mm Tactical Scope I am running a special on right now ($399.99). It is shown on the main catalog page as a "new for July" item.

The most popular Aimpoint sights are the compact red-dot type, usually utilized in close-quarter combat scenarios. However, Aimpoint does make a few full-length models more hunting-specific.

Below are the MAP (minimum advertised prices) for some of the more popular models. I can't publicly post pricing any lower that this level, but will get back to each of you individually via PM or email with the Group Buy prices. I will also be offering a discount on some of the mounts, depending upon which ones you folks are interested in.

Most Popular models; pricing shown is MAP (group buy prices will be lower)
Comp M3 - 2 MOA ACET Night Vision Compatible $481.5
Comp ML3 - 2 MOA ACET $432
Comp M2 - 4 MOA CET Night Vision Compatible $423.9
Comp ML2 - 4 MOA CET $379.8
3XMag Magnifying Module $462.6
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I'll be individually sending all of you pricing on the Aimpoints tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.
I'm interested. Sold my Aimpoint CompM2 about a year ago and regret it.
Sold my EOtech 551 about 2years ago and I haven't missed it.
Pricing went out this morning

I have just PM'd or emailed pricing out to all of you. Please let me know if you did not receive it.
add me to the list , I might be interested in two if the price is right
notenoughguns said:
add me to the list , I might be interested in two if the price is right
You have an incoming PM with pricing details.
I did not get pricing email,please resend.
What kind of deal would you do for 5 M2's or Comp M2's my SRT team needs them for our new Colt Commando's. We currently have them on our patrol AR's and they are the best. We will not need any mounts since we have about 15 of them in a box. Thanks.
Sorry Minuteman, I meant the prices on five Comp. M2's and the price on five ML2's. Thanks, Matthew
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