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We are building a new spade grip from scratch so we are selling off our remaining inventory of builder sets.

The sets include, top bracket, bottom left and right bracket, spade thumb paddle, extension that hooks onto the trigger, trigger clevis pin, cap screws (m2hb style), Grip tubes, and a limited quantity of ANM2 grips (6 sets left). You can also order these with or without the grips, and you can order rivet style or welded style builder sets. These include instructions (very simple).

Rivet style: These are for casted backplates. You should never weld steel to armasteel as it is brittle and easily breaks, I'm sure some of you have experienced this with other builder sets.

Welded style: These are for steel backplates, i.e. two piece metal ones with the grips come off (usually aluminum or wood grips).

These grips work with all trigger designs, and are a 100% complete. Please specify if you want a welded or riveted spade grip set.

Spade grip builder set with grips, $120

Spade grip builder set without grips, $80

Shipping is $7

Thank you,

Allied Armament



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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