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Allied Armament's Spade Grips?

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Did everyone who ordered one get theirs? I sent a MO 3 1/2 weeks ago and haven't heard a peep. One of their last posts on the spade grip thread said they only had a few sets left and that was on 7/17, two weeks after I mailed the MO? I've Emailed and left a phone message. I see they are posting today. I guess I'll have to go to the PO tomorrow and see if they can tell me if the MO was cashed.
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Yes I did, But...

I just got mine friday..It took 3 week's and some day's..But worth the wait..The only thing I did not like was I paid $26 for shipping for spade's and scope mount that got shipped in the same $9 box..They told me that they shipped it on the 10th, got It on the 27th..The scope mount is not strate, but I will not send it back..It's not to bad., I can fix it..All and all I am happy I got his product's..I guess shipping is not his strong point...GUNNER 50
I get my ORF 1919a4 this friday and am set to order a linker, 2 new barrels, 3K links, and an A6 kit and *was* planning on a set of spade-grips. Please let me know here (or via PM) what shipping is for the grips alone! THANKS!

Also would be interesting in hearing a review of the AA spades!
They look great!They fit perfect on Double 8's full auto,but I had to do some tweeking on them to fit my semi with the KMP set up.
Allied Armament Spades.......Got Mine

I got mine about 2 weeks after using a cc to pay for them. They fit great, but I had to tweak them a little as they would not let the trigger reset. They seem to be well made and I believe they'll function fine. All in all I'm happy.
Shipping is definitely not our high point, we are located in a slightly remote area and it is cheaper by about 50% for us to deliver the packages to USPS than to have UPS come out and pick up our parts :( . As for shortround I would call the shop and talk to Jason, 503-543-5154 he will get you squared away.

The trigger position of the KMP, the full auto and our triggers are all slightly different, the grips should go on without tweaking on our guns, orf guns, and full autos, but the KMP guns need slight modifications to make the gun reset properly.

Slick, I'm sorry Jason double charged you for shipping you should call him also and see if he will send you a partial refund check.
Shipping refund?

I don't want to call and bother you guy's over such a small matter of double charging..I don't need it that bad..But what I do need is a truon protecter..So I was thinking, maybe I can send you a $5 check and you can send me one.(when you get more in).. That way everyone win's:) ...By the way I am not "Slick":D
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