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Amazing MINI GUN vid!!

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Check out this clip.

Great sound track too!
Hendrix, Armstrong, the doors and a Mini gun, how could you go wrong?? :d

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How the hell does one get one of those!!! Money not being an deciding factor.
i don't have one of these...........:D ..................YET!!!!!!:D
The DeGroat Brothers & the coolest big-boy toys imaginable.

James DeGroat is the feller in the green shirt, he and is brother are a class 2 manufacturers and make these....well re-make these. They start with demilled part sets. They are at many of the major shoots around the country. They had a 90mm high velocity anti tank gun at Knob Creek last spring along with the mini. The video was produced by Rober Silvers, he is the guy in the black jacket with the hat on. These are restricted title II arms available to only military, police or dealers/manufacturers with a written request for demonstration from a police or military department.

All hope is not lost thought....there are a few transferable miniguns around and last one I saw was asking $250,000
Transferrables are running around $320,000 now. There are only about 12 available. Once you buy it you still need to feed it. At 3 cases a minute it gets expensive fast. We have an armors course that we give on the M134's. Every time it goes to the range I have been tied up:( Some day I will get my chance.
If you don't mind stepping down to a BB gun, check out this M134
at www.pipersprecisionproducts.com for about $6k. Shoots about 3000 rpm.
A little pricey for me, but it could be some fun.:)
WOW, that's just too bad to describe! I've seen brief video of the one Mike Dillon has when Jesse James demolished the sand buggy that didn't work on Monster Garage. Too cool!
Damn! $320K? Guess I'll just keep slumming it! :cool:

Sweet vid Ari! :D

You mean BBPM Zig? LOL ;)
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Right, i suspect you have never had one of the 1919's blow up on ya. I have and still have the lead in my leg bone that the DR couldnt dig out. I have a buddy that was shootin my 1919 just like you are when it blew up one day, got him in the leg and in the bottom of his chin. I dont shoot it from a AA tripod nor do i hold it anymore, lesson learned. Now if i could find me the exact same set up as you have i would change my mind, where did ya get that whole set up?
I have very high confidence in both my builds and always check the set up and test fire with 235 rounds minimum before going MP. This gun was from the So Cal build party. I have run over 12,000 rnds through it now without a case separation or cart rupture. I only shoot LC 30.06. If I shot junk, I probably wouldn't go MP, or would definitley be fully armored up JIC.

Thats what I think they call an M134 ammo pack, but I may be mistaken, I almost bought one complete mounted on a back pack just like this one on gunbroker, I'm imagining that this may be the same one. I was going to pay a $1000 for the set up but I failed to meet the reserve by three dollars $997, oh well someone else bid on it later and paid i think $1100. Funny thing is though you can buy the ammo pack for about $300 and get feed shoot for about another 150 - 450.
Mine doesn't hold CO2 tanks Allied! LOL
Check the link above. ;)
Awesome, thanks for the link, it looks like you put out a nice looking unit. I have to build one of those.
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