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ammo collectors websites?

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back to the grind:
so i found three packages of 1911 ammo one of them dated 1918 and one of the others looks even older but who's to know.

i am looking for both the value and the best place to move these.

the middle one is the only one with a date stamp



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...good condition...

Rory....First box looks like they are .45 ACP 'shot' shells...used in jungle for snakes or could be 'buck and ball' shot shells for self defense. Believe both were issued to G.I.'s in WW2 for Pacific theatre. Middle box looks to be WW1 issue. Original shells issued and dated with 'UMCC' (Union Metallic Cartridge Co.) go back to the issue 1911 Colts in 1911/1912. The original batch of .45 for the 1907 trials was made by Frankford Arsenal (FA) and are valuable collectors items. Earlier made by UMCC were for the Colt 1905 civilian model...also rare and valuable. Last box looks to be original WW2 issue...standard .45ACP ball. I have examples of most .45ACP,but am not a 'collector' as such and can't help with a good evaluation. Yes...a collector will pay good money for these,as they are in original packaging. Good luck helping your friend.....
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