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Ammo for sale!!!!

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I'm posting this for my previous employer, Summit Ammunition. They are an 02/07 Class 3 shop/manufacturer and ammo producer/wholsaler/retailer. The owner is Patrick Moore, a VERY reputable man to do business with.

Their bread & butter item is .50 BMG ammo. They manufacture it in house, from new or pulldown materials, your choice. A few major gun manufacturers use their ammo.

They offer AP, API, APIT, INC., Ball, Tracer, and VERY nice match ammo. There was an article in a magazine about the performance of their match ammo, but I don't recall the magazine.

They will sell smaller 50 round sampler packs, or sell a pallet to you.

Anyway, their toll free # is 1-877-726-4345.

Website is still under construction, but the contact info is there:


One of the reasons I'm posting this is so you guys can email them or call them and see if you can tell them how much 8mm Romanian you would like. I'm not sure of the price, but it would be in line with Century or AIM. Ask when you call/email. Mainly because if he gets in a few pallets, I can drive 20 minutes and pick it up without paying shipping!!!:D

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Prices? How much shipping? Century only has 12.50 shipping
This is not your ordinary blasting ammo. . .

I have purchased .50 BMG AP from Summit in the past and have been VERY satisfied with their products. Their prices are reasonable, and their turnaround time is a few days at most - at least for four cans, the most I've ordered - a pallet may take longer.

Not cheap, but neither is the gun you shoot them from. :cool:
50 cal pulldown ammo

Serious match shooters don't use pull down ammo in any cal, especially 50. Has everybody out there gone brain dead at the same time? It's really, really hard to shoot a match with warped bullets. Jim
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