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Amnesty for 1.3 million illegals ( and thier families)in IRAQ Funding bill

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Senate amnesty vote postponed 'til next week -- time to create grassroots firestorm to stop it


Because the House of Representatives unexpectedly delayed the Iraq supplemental spending bill late Thursday, the full Senate won't be allowed today to vote on the amnesty bill that the Senate Appropriations Committee unexpectedly took up and approved Thursday.

It now looks like the full Senate won't be allowed to vote on the amnesty for around 1.3 million illegal alien ag workers (plus their families) until next Wednesday.

That gives us some time to beat this atrocity.

I don't need to tell you that we can beat this amnesty ONLY if all of you send the faxes and make the phone calls we've posted on your Action Buffet corkboard. Please go there now.

And ONLY if you enlist as many of your friends, relatives, neighbors and colleagues as possible by forwarding this Alert to them.

Especially important is that you pick up the phone and make the calls to your two Senators that we've requested.



Rosemary Jenks (our Vice President, Government Relations) just called me after finishing reading the Iraq supplemental spending bill as it came out of committee. It would:

Grant a three-year work visa followed by a permanent greencard to all illegal aliens who have been working as shepherds, goat herders and dairy herders.

Grant a five-year work visa to the estimated 1.3 million illegal aliens working in other agricultural jobs -- plus all of their families. There is no instruction on what happens after the five years.

Grant a tripling of the maximum number of H-2B visas for lower skill, non-agricultural seasonal workers.

Grant industries an extra 218,000 additional permanent green cards for skilled foreign workers.

Friends, perhaps you are thinking what I'm thinking: Don't these Senators know that we are in an economic recession, or close to it? Don't they know that unemployment rates have been going up and that industries across the country are shedding both skilled and unskilled jobs?

If ever you doubted that U.S. Senators live lives disconnected from ordinary Americans, you could see it Thursday as 17 of them fell all over themselves to drastically increase the number of foreign workers allowed to hold U.S. jobs!


Senators Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.), Larry Craig (R-Idaho) and Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) led the way to protect our economy from having to figure out ways to hire some of the 14 million-plus American workers who are trying to find a job but can't.

Especially interesting is their claim that we will fail to harvest crops and feed the world this year without an amnesty for illegal aliens. They made the same claim in each of the last four years. Each time that we beat back the amnesty, the harvests still happened! How many times does Feinstein have to cry wolf (or rotting crops) before people stop paying attention?

Of course, the outlaw businesses that scream for illegal aliens do have more to fear this year because various enforcement policies (federal, state and local) are beginning to drive more and more illegal aliens home.

What we have to constantly remind everybody, though, is that each of these outlaw growers at any time can come clean, go straight and become a legal, patriotic member of the business community by importing any needed foreign ag workers through the H-2A temporary worker program. There is no limit on how many they can import as long as they pay them decently and ensure that they go home.

The North Carolina Growers Association has used the H-2A visa program for years and opposes all efforts at amnesty for illegal alien ag workers. If the program works fine for North Carolina farmers, why do farmers in other part of the country insist that only illegal aliens will fit the bill?


Rosemary says you don't have to have spent much time in the fields to qualify for Feinstein and Craig's amnesty.

You only have to meet ONE of the following three criteria to get the amnesty:

Earned $7,000 working in agriculture during the 2004-2007 period.

Or worked 863 hours in agriculture during the 2004-2007 period.

Or worked at least a little bit in agriculture on 150 different days during the 2004-2007 period.

That amounts to an average of $1,750 per year ...

... or 216 hours per year (the equivalent of 4 hours per week) ...

... or parts of 37 days per year.


The answer is that they really hope we are that stupid or just incredibly unfocused. All the right-wing business lobbyists, leftist organizations, religious groups and news media who tried to force the amnesty last year are cheering this thing on.

We beat them last year because the American people FOCUSED for a few weeks and told the U.S. Senators who is their boss.

Will you please do everything you can to enlist a small army in your community to fight this?

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It no longer matters what we do or think ,it is very clear that they are going to do exactly what they want to do.
They no longer listen to us ,and the fact we vote is only a pain in their butts right now.
Look how they are all acting , all of them, both party's ,like they know something ,something they know we would object to.
Even when we send one up there who seems to want to live up to why they were elected ,in about a year they change.
In the USSR they held elections ,but both party's were commies ,sort of like us now, Oh they are going to take our guns ,and they are going to be brutal about it. Global Warming ,SUVs ,fences on the border ,its all a smoke screen.
Listen to McCain saying the other day the Borders are now secure ,in others words ,believe what i tell you and STFU.
What ever it is ,for years they have tried to get both party's to where they are now ,and this election is the worst that we have ever seen.
When i was in my FFLs shop today ,a guy had just received a Barret semi auto ,another was buying an AK ,and my FFL said she cant keep an AR on the shelf.
Gas is high and folks don't have the money for a lot anymore ,but they seem to be buying up this stuff like they know something is coming.
Guys these were young people ,Mid 20s , and the kid buying the Barret asked the FFL to order him a full case of .50 cal ,and 4 mags.
Tell me i have a tin foil hat ,but ammo dried up ,gas is eating up any disposable income , The Republicans do nothing ,they sneak amnesty in under cover ,ATF is very active , and from what i saw from these kids today ,its going to be bloody.

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I've been watching this legislation develope for the past few months. It was suppose to come to the House and Senate floor last month. I thought since it didn't, it was not going to be brought up since each month's delay moves it closer to the election. But then congress's creativity is interesting to watch.
Washington has the people of this country looking the other way now. Rising gas prices, home forclosure's, job losses, who is really going to be paying attention to what legislation is being attached to what bill. thisis the only way they can get this thing passed. They tried last year as a stand alone and look what happened. So now it comes through the backdoor when very few are paying attention.

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You would have thought with all the outrage last year of granting amnesty to illegals, that during this presidential primary season the candidate who supported legalizing the illegals would have experienced the rath of the citizen's and been thrown out of the country.
It should have been the #1 issue of the campaign but it doesn't exist. I guess Mr. McCain and I have two different definitions of what a secure border means. Mine is, no one is able to set foot, illegally, in this country. His must mean, we've opened the borders and welcome everyone, no questions asked.

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Flash they were playing his speech on the radio ,when he said that the entire shop came to a stand still.
No one could believe what he was saying ,and not just about this issue.
A Black guy (Larry) said OMG! is this MF for real? Another guy said that America didn't understand what they were doing in letting this jack ass get to where he has any power.
The Boss was standing there ,and he said the one thing that i think we need to see . Over this speech alone ,when we get to the Republican Convention ,if the party has any brains or Gonads ,they should tell McCain to hit the road.
Man Romney sure looks good now ,i didn't like a lot about him but he is light years ahead of this bottom feeder.
And Flash i am with you 100% on what you said ,Sure some of it is market forces at work , but we are oil field and we cant see any conceivable way that gas is as high as it is now ,NONE .
They are up to something big time ,and they are all in cahoots ,the Constitution says we have the right to fire every one of them ,we should do that now ,good or bad ,all of them out the door ,including Bush.
Institute Martial law , install General Petraeus as Temp. commander ,under direct supervision of the Supreme Court ! to make sure the Constitution is upheld and the REPUBLIC secure.
Crazy ? No ,this was the scenario George Washington had in mind if it ever came to this ,and he almost had to do just this.

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Pork anyone....I wish there was something that we citizens could do to say no more Pork in the proposed bills. Thats how crap laws gets passed. If yo don't approve that bill, we wont approve this bill....blackmail anyone.

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...the Constitution says we have the right to fire every one of them ,we should do that now ,good or bad ,all of them out the door ,including Bush.
We have the right to impeach an elected official. But your message above made me wonder if there's a similar procedure for not-yet-elected officials. Is there any official procedure to remove a candidate from consideration prior to election? Might be something as simple as mass petitions from registered party members demanding a reconsideration - but maybe there are other processes available?

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I doubt there is much anyone can do to out someone who has not been elected yet. Even those who die during a campaign still get elected, then someone else is appointed to fill the unexpired term.
If someone was to be removed prior to an election, it would more than likely come from the party bosses doing it. The only other way is make sure the other candidate wins. But in today's political climate that's having to make a choice between the bad and the ugly.
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