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Aw shucks, my first for sale post in ages...

This is a complete Browning .50bmg M3 aircraft receiver. It is the newer M3, so there is no provision for front or rear sights (can be retrofit or it's great real estate for a modern sight system).
Just add a barrel,appropriate barrel support, RHSP and you have a complete kit for your semi project or registered FA Gun (all NFA rules apply).

Large picture of the kit at: http://gryphos.com/anm3reckit/dsc01177.jpg

Parts List for the kit:

These are all original parts (well, the pawl pins are new) from post-ww II thru Korea production guns. This is the good stuff! Any red tone in the picture is not rust. It is the flash reflecting off the oil.

Kit Price $3150 + shipping

Other variations and options available - unmodified or pre-modified for KMP semi. Watch for more posts.

Thanks Everyone,
Christos @ Gryphos
email: [email protected]
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