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ANM2 semi build concept

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So far, I've not seen a 30 cal ANM2 semi build. Biggest issue is there simply is not enough room to install a semi disconnector like used on the 1919. Sear also trips by pushing UP not pulling down like on the 1919.

I've spent better part of a month learning Fusion 360...

Then I modeled an SA lockframe for the ANM2. This may be clear as mud to everybody else. The idea here is the yellow block can hinge forward 0.125" to act as a disconnector. The SA trigger bar (red) has a square catch that will hit the sear if the trigger is pulled. Not shown, the SA sear will need a matching square catch.

I was going to model all the parts, but I am just too damned slow at modeling. got enough done to machine the parts I will need. We will see, but the parts should fit right the first time. I am leaving an extra 20 thou on the trigger bar in a couple spots for final tweaking. Same with exact location of the green stop block.

The first pic shows the existing FA lockframe. Next pics are of model. Second pic has one of the plates removed for better visibility.

so far, this is just ideas. Not sure when it will get built. Also, if somebody else has a better concept, I'd love to try to model it.


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Just a lockframe change won't keep the alphabet boys happy.

Just like the 1919 make the SA sear wider with a wider sear track in the bolt. Also cut a clearance spot on the bottom of the bolt so the semi trigger can't hit. that lets the semi sear be 20 thou shorter and gives that extra room to the semi trigger bar. Now, even a modified FA lockframe will not work.

Put denial islands in the right side plate. Bit of a problem as one cannot be where the return spring is located - its already cut as deep as possible here. That means one island will have to go where the side sear trip is. This sear will need to be modified also.

If you are not aware, the ANM2 can trip the sear from both bottom and side. This design uses the bottom. There will be no opening in the side plate to get at the right side sear trip.

There are two good reasons we have not seen an approved design for the ANM2. The market is too small and the required mods are not that easy.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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