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Another 13 year old Nazi skinhead beaten up by innocent blacks!

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USA rocks : My brother in law is 5th in command of the Texas correctional system . I don't have stats but i am sure i could find them ,i was only going by what he told us. Blacks live in over crowded Neighborhoods ,Places white people never go . They are into rival gangs who shoot at each other and kill Innocent blacks in the cross fire. If whites are involved it is because they to are involved in the conflict .Sure black criminals shot whites in robbery's ,but they also shoot blacks ,Asians ,Themselves. Sorry USA ,i don't wake up thinking roving army's of blacks are headed my way. Or even Mexicans for that matter ,i am worried about the few who come here and cause trouble ,Bum off the taxpayer ,or may be a terrorist. A lot of whites kill each other also. I looked at your links , I have got to go with Rory on this one ,you are starting to sound like Arian Brotherhood. I have seen worse come out of them than any black. Wild crazy white kids strung out on Meth ,Terrorizing old people for money , setting up protection rackets.
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