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Another crank fire question

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To those that own the crank fire setup how does it make sure the gun is at full lock up? On my 1919 the striker will drop when the bolt is backed of .010 +-. I would assume that this would be like firing with improper head space (if you tripped the trigger at just the right time). Any input?
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:eek: Am I seeing what I think I am?!?!? Jmorris, did you automate bullet casting, and design a bullet feeder for a 650????? Absolutely pure genius. I humbly bow in your presence. I think the last guy that came up with something that impressed me this much was named Browning... I hope you make a billion off your ingenuity. You certainly deserve to. Of course, if you didn't do any of what I'm thinking you did, then I guess I'll just say nice hat. :D
Still some phenominal stuff. I remain impressed, and still like the hat. :D
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