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Is'nt leand lease a wonderful thing?


Glad your equipment survived the ravages of time, is being well cared for and your government still tolerates such things, even if not in a working state (per your laws).

To anyone who ever balked at the idea of owning a Springfield M1903 or Garand returned from Greece - be glad they are returned to the U.S. and not at the bottom of the U.S. Gulf per Bill Clinton's order to Red Stone Arsenal to deliver all rifles to the U.S. Navy for burial at sea....

Thank you for being a friend to the United States.

All the best,


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Yeah, the government still tolerates this...now.

Some weeks ago, a 18 years old boys bought an hunting gun (ie, bolt action, sale not restricted) and killed two immigrated people. So, in a hurry and to "calm" the population "shocked" (does I look shocked ?) by this (quote) violent racist crime, they voted in emergency a law to forbid the sale of such weapons (with the usual laius : "guns are bad, gun=violence, ect, ect...but you know the song with Feinstein, Kennedy & Hila-c-ry Clinton)

I have a M1 in my closet and it is always with great pleasure I handle it. It means a lot for me. This one is not "demilitarized" (Can I say it is a blasphem ?)

Yes, I am a friend of the United States and I am proud of claiming this fact. No matter how, no matter when, no matter where, I will be where.

I wanted to be a US soldier. Finished as a Belgian soldier but who know ? May be a day. After all, I am still young.

A good old Ma Deuce to keep foes at distance....Don't threat on my freedom you commie ! LOL.

Or a .30...my father always told me it was a superb machine gun.
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