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Any Hawaii 1919'ers out there?

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Just got my 1919a6. Got a couple of questions and need some hands on assistance with headspacing.
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Hola or I mean Aloha! Watch out for the Sharks, stay dry, & welcome to the site!
Thirty one years and counting, take some time and do a search and you will find a wealth of resources. Or call me at 808-572-8431.

Mark's the guy to see or talk to in your neck of the pineapple patch :).

Welcome to the board.

I live in NY, but was out in HI just last week. My wife & I visited Honolulu and Maui, and had a great time. While walking in Honolulu, I noticed a store sign which read "Shoot Real Gun" and entered the place to check it out. Turns out it was a "Range" which appeared to simply exist for the purpose of briefly renting semi-auto pistols and rifles to Japanese tourists for a test fire. Shooters had the option of firing one mag out of each of several guns. One of the packages cost about $200 and allowed the shooter a chance to fire around 1 mag out of each of five semi-auto rifles. I asked the girl at the desk if it was also a regular club that locals could join to shoot, and she said no.

By some miracle, our hotel happened to be right next to the US Army Museum of Hawaii. I've posted a pic here of the museum from our hotel room. I spent about two hours inside, checking out the various small arms specimens which were on display.

We also visited Maui. About the only gun/military related thing we ran across was an apparent county range called Yukehami (or something like that) which was close to Lahaina on Rt 30. I'm sure there are other ranges there further away from the tourist-trap areas.

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There is just one range, Ukumehame. You should have stoped by, I'm usually there.

We actually drove the rental car down the road towards the range on or about 7/26. I saw a sherrif's car, and two other cars as well as a few guys shooting. We did not get out of the car, but perhaps should have as you might have been there at that time.
I was surprised to see a range there, much less so close to the beach. Hopefully, it won't get torn down and replaced with condos or houses; or closed due to anti-gun political pressure.

Just out of curiosity, how far can you shoot? It appeared to be limited to pistol and shotgun distances.
230 yards for the rifle range, 600 yards on the Military range. Ray send me your email. [email protected]

Aloha Brah

I lived at Fort Shafter back in the mid 70's. Went to Moanalua High. Welcome to the boards.
Located in Pearl City (from time to time). What's your question?

Cliff T
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