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Any interest in a new Tannerite group buy?

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Post and let's see if there is enough interest.

Lets' see what was our new record last time...105 1/2's? :D

Some of us go through it faster than others...:p
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Say no more. The buy is on! :D

Who wants some? E-mail me by next Sunday July 2nd, with:

1. The e-mail addy you will use as a buy code.
*** Please e-mail me from the addy you want to use as your buy code! Makes my life alot easier! ***

2. # of cases you want.

That's it.

Same as always. I don't make a dime or take any money. You call Tannerite with your order when I close the buy and send them the buy list.

$69/case (20 1/2 pounders or 10 1 pounders) + UPS Ground shipping from OR.

Stock up people! I hear prices are going up soon!
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Woohoo, it goes BOOM!

Put me down, bud (and don't even think about moving your computer this time)! :p
Now that was a FUN DAY at the range!!:D :D Those big old baggies look great! wish we had a place to do that size of "Bangs".:mad:
Sent you an e-mail for two cases of tanneriRIGHTi :D . Thanks again!
email sent
Up to 14 cases already. Keep the e-mails coming! :D

LOL XDev! My move is done and I have a dedicated computer bolted down in the gun room now! No more MIA! :)
right can you post your email please?
it's in my profile. e-mailed it to ya buck.
Got ya Turkey!
when are ya closing this buy iRIGHTi?
Latest to e-mail me and get on the buy list is Sunday July 2nd.:)
Tannerite groupe buy

i,am in for two cases.

Thanks Top6
min cal for ignition

What's the minimum cal. you can use for setting this stuff off? Will any handgun cal. do it?
requires a bullet speed of around 2000 fps if I remember correctly
The bottles read "Shoot no less than 100 yards with high powered rifle". When it first came out they showed a clip using pistols and it wouldn't detonate at all. I don't think they used a TC in .308 or .223 though :)
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