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ANy interest in M13 links?

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We have 20,000 M13 links,as used in the M60,and M240's that we would like to sell. We have tons more, this is just to knock the level down in the bin. You could always make belts for the local punk rock crowd :D They are bagged by weight-probably a few over 1000 ea. $20 a bag. Clean , lots of once fired links.
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I would be intersted in 3 or 4 bags, send how to and will send payment, thanks
I'm interested as well.
how do we complete this transaction ?
Drop me a line at [email protected] or call 702-835-3486-and ask for Walt ,as the gals up front won't have a listing for them. We are just reducing the pile down some,so we didn't inventory these.
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