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Kris at Hedgehog Mfg. is currently putting all the parts together for a semi build. I have a deposit with him now(RS plate,trigger disconnector,instructions) and it should be shipping shortly.

edit: 80% rs plate


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Good Evening, Gentlemen

I have materials on order for sideplates, triggers and sears.

It is possible for the material to come in 06-July-06 with another order I am waiting on delivery. Otherwise it will be closer to the end of July. Plans are to run parts for home builders and people wanting their kits built first. My kits will come later and be for sale as completed weapons later in the year or early 2007.

Customers interested in ONLY side plates, triggers and sears can e-mail me at:

[email protected] to place an order.

I will not be stocking these plates. They will be built to order so do not miss out. If you think you want one, NOW is the time to order.

I will have extra triggers and sears on hand but not extra plates. If you are budgeting for this build get a plate now. Purchase of a Brass Cartridge Plate AND trigger set will allow you to buy repair and replacement parts in the future.

I will be taking 1/2 down payments to confirm orders once materials arrive. Remainder will be due prior to shipping.

Plates will run:
$425 for FN30 ground guns
$500 for FN30 "B" Model tank guns

Triggers and Sears will run $165

I will machine your internals for $175 including return shipping.

To have your kit built will run $1500-$1600 ("B"Model Tank gun) plus return shipping to an FFL dealer.

Kit builds include side plate, trigger, sear, internals machined, all parts cleaned and inspected for wear, refinish of parts assembly, parkerized and duracoat.

Worn, damaged or otherwise unuseable parts will be replaced at additional cost. These expenses will be discussed prior to work done.

Customers with Brass Cartridge will have access to repair and replacement parts inventory. I will not be offering service to other manufactured weapons. Parts are in limited supply and I intend to take care of the people with whom I do business.

I realize my prices are a bit more than the competitors. It is because I plan on giving that much more in service. Buy with confidence, knowing you will receive the quality Brass Cartridge has come to be known for providing.



To the gentlemen who have already contacted me by e-mail concerning builds of your kits, I will contact you for downpayments via e-mail to secure your side plates and trigger sets. I will then notify you when it is time to send your kit in for build. This will happen once materials arrive.

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