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any one know if an m37 plate can be made into a 1919a4

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need another opinion any one know if a transferable m37 plate can be made into a 1919a4 the plate is already cut out for the right hand feed and the charging slot seems to be different any experts let me know if it can be done thanks
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ATF gave Collectors Corner (now OOW) a letter to convert M37 sideplates to 1919's 16 or 17 years ago.

If I look hard enough ... maybe I can find my copy of that letter.

I know because I am the one that welded, re-machined and engraved all of those Group Industries sideplates.

Built about 150 of the sideplates as A4's and 1917 (28 M37's).
Ha ha ... As what? Post Samples? OOW doesn't need any ATF letter. They were/are Class 2 MFG. Don't need no stinkin' letter. Good try. I'm amused.
Sorry "X", I apologize when wrong and I was wrong about this. I read Jmann's response, looked it up and regretted my post immediately. Oh well, I guess I'm guilty of post count profiling. Saw the almost non-existent count and figured you were an "Internet Kommando". I've done bidness with Collectors Corner and have received several Group Industries '17's back in the late '80's, early '90's. Didn't realize they were converted 37 sideplates.

I've been shooting since the '60's and went SOT in the late '80s. You don't have all that much of a lead on me as you might think.

Again, I apologize, don't crawl back under your rock because of one stupid mistatement of mine.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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