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Any suggestions on where to buy Armalite parts?

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Any suggestions on where to buy Armalite parts? OK, I admit to being addicted to firearms. I really really promise to only buy one more. So now would somebody suggest the best places to obtain parts to build up my new AR10 lower? I've already found that the DPMS .308 uppers do not inter-change with it, there is a different radius on the back of the DMPS upper.

If anyone else is addicted maybe we could start group therapy meetings, the local Gander Mountain has rooms that can be reserved.
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You might try ArmaLite. When they first started up with the AR-10 they advertised no sale of ArmaLite AR-10 lower receivers separately, only the complete rifle but they had a lower for sale mfg. by "Eagle Arms" and they did sell the rest of the AR-10 parts.

You might contact them and maybe they will give you comparative specs.
If it were me I believe I would give them a call and see if I could talk to one of there techs.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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