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I got a order a couple months ago,

She charged our cc, a few weeks later I got
a partial order, had to threat the bank to get her
to call back, got a partial order again, told a lot
of time that the order had shipped or was next.

Finally had to make a complaint to
the bank and do a charge back to
get her to ship the rest of my order.

I won't order from them again.


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You're lucky you got anything at all.

My buddy Pete sent a couple thousand fired 223 brass down for processing. That was Jan/Feb 2007, was hoping to get it back in time to reload it for the July 2007 Eden Shoot in Vermont.

Hundreds of phone calls, emails even talked to the guys at Hi-Tech which is close to RVO and he's still got absolutely nothing.

Someone on Subguns even replied she was at the Creek selling 223 brass in Oct 07, and said he probably bought Pete's brass.

She's a total scumbag.
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