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Anyone who needs engraving

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Hi gang, today I just got a new plate in that was engraved by JJ custom. You might remember his photos he posted earlier with hopes of doing some plates. He seemed like a good guy so I took a chance and he came through with flying colors! I would compare this experience to when Brian first started machining enternals, he was new so I gave him a try and he did first class work for a great price and now has a great reputation here. I think James at JJ Custom will soon follow his example in supplying our hobby with first class workmanship at a price you can not go wrong with. I have never met James nor had any contact with him other than on the board and e-mails so don't think he is my brother in law or anything, he just did good and I am trying to get you other guys to ty him. Take care, Hotch

PS: you can find him on this board or write-
JJ Custom LLC
2400 State Route 48
Houston, Ohio 45333
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Just wanted to bump this back up since not many people read it, the engraving really is first class. Hotch
Thanks for the feedback, hotchkissmtrifle! Also, for everyone else's info, hotchkissmtrifle sent me a pic of the Colt 1917 engraving which I have now added to the lineup.
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