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AR 15 piston kit

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Ok since we have the ar receivers GB going I was wondering if any of you guys have installed a piston kit on your ars and if they are worth it? Thread away here no question to dumb I found a company called ARES gsr 35 piston kit that makes them??
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Thats the modular weapon systems rifle right Phalanx I got quoted 1775.00 for one Thats alot more then i want to spend. You dont think the piston kit will work? Just wondering
so You can buy the xcr uppers by them selves? I tried googleing it and at least the one company I found was at 1700 for the rifle complete Id like to you the ar receiver with the piston upper from XCR is that possible?
Fn thats the boat I am on I wish someone that has the ARES system and shot a couple of thousands of rounds can post and say something
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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