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As promised here are a few images of the Argentine M35 tripod restoration that I bought from Toolman. My buddy and I actually bought two. One was a Colt original and the other a Argentine-made one. I picked the Argentine, since my water-cooled kit is all Argentine. When I cleaned up the tripod, I found that the serial numbers matched on all the stamped parts! The elevation handle was broke and missing from the nut part of the handle. I borrowed my buddies and made a duplicate. Guess which is which! I tried to imbed the images, but didn't work, maybe I do not have privileges? (If anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong, please send me an email, thanks) So here the links to the images:

In the beginning:






All 85 images are here:


I am just finishing up a new leather strap. I'll post images of that soon.

Enjoy! M89
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