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As an Alaskan...My Thoughts on Gov. Palin

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She is a fantastic lady!

I saw in another post that Rory was concerned about her canning the States head cop who her sister was in a custody battle with.

The only problem would have been if she kept that turd on the force! He answers to the Gov. she answers to the people, and the people were pissed that he wasnt doing crap about crime.

She was his boss, she set the standard, he didnt meet it, he got fired. That simple and honest.

As for her experience?

Alaska IS NOT the least populated state, Wyoming is.

We are the largest state. (Put that in your hat Texas:p)

We are the richest state. I am getting 10k for living up here this year. $3600 is to off-set the cost of fuel, Thanks Gov. Palin! Hows your economy in the lower 48? We cant hire enough folks up here!

She's a great shot, loves to hunt (real hunting unlike that douche Kerry, she goes after Brown Bears)

Her son is shipping off to Iraq, she supports him and his mission 100%.

She is the Commander & Chief of the Alaska National Guard. She has been our C&C in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Horn of Africa. If Obama had any military experience it seems he would have been on the otherside of our perimeter;)

She does not agree with abortion. Her newest baby (Born in April) has Down Syndrome, She and her husband knew and continued with the pregnancy. They love their son, and are great parents. Say what you want, she does what she says.

She is a great business lady and deals with foreign relations/business daily (Duh its Alaska! Heard of Oil? Do you think there arent foreign intrests in the greatest cradle of natural resources in the world?:D

In short Sen. McCain did the nation a great favor and I am pleased that she will be able to work for all of you, sad as hell that we will not see her as often up hear fishing, riding snow machines, hunting, camping, and taking her kids to Hockey.

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Sure enough, phalanx, until you brought her name up on a thread here way back, I had not heard of her. I started reading up right away. I fell in love! :eek:
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