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atlanta police chief on cnn

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chief richard pennington is on cnn right now talking about how shocked and dismayed he is that the new concealed carry bill passed in GA that opened up more places the ccw is valid (parks, mass transport etc) this guy sounds like a politician, he says that crime will rise with the new ccw expansion law - that people will be solving arguments with their guns, and ccw carriers will be going ot restaurants and niteclubs and alcohol will cause shootings. Then acknowledges that most of the crimes are committed by people carrying guns ILLEGALY :eek: what a fucking shocker there huh? he also says that more people will be carrying without a permit because they will think its ok under the new ccw law :confused: HUH? WHAT? HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE??

Come on now, the people who take the steps, get the fingerprints, take teh classes, and all that stuff to get the ccw legally i would think are less likely to act the fool with that gun. When did we become the enemy? to get the ccw we have to have CLEAN RECORDS, we are not teh criminals here. The criminals already have the guns and are using them against us, and dont give two squirts of piss about any law, let alone some gun law - so why are we the a**holes when we take legal steps to protect ourselves from those criminals?

ANd then all these douchebags who write the emails and get them read on the air, about how appauled they are at the new ccw expansion law and how this aint the wild west anymore. One guy said its frustrating because its hard to tell if someone is reaching for their wallet or a gun.

WHAT THE F*CK? what is wrong with these people? Do all these people live in neverland ranch? Just 2 nites ago some guy got smoked at the end of my street by some guys in a car - and people wonder why i wont leave my house without my pistol, why should i play the willing victim for these peice of sh*ts? I REFUSE, whether its legal or not.

I just dont get it :mad:

Excuse me while i load my extra mags before i head out.

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this guy sounds like a politician
Like was stated in some of the post, a chief is appointed by the mayor and rubber stamped by the city counsel.................he's nothing more then a political hack for the mayor, law enforcement does not even enter to the equation of him getting appointed.......... chiefs, and all the other heads of local and state LE agencies are just just boots lickers of whatever political power appointed them, and serve as long as the powers that be are in power.........once the mayor goes, the new one gets to appoint his own boot licker

never assume that a chief is a LEO, they aren't.
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