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As the title suggests soo many scams are going around. I thought I'd share what I've seen in my small Midwest community these are just in the last few days Please add to try and keep ahead of the game players.

First is the guy ringing the doorbell, he's seal coating driveways. The more he talks the lower the fee he's requesting. I asked for a business card. "They are all at my current job site, I'll put one in your mailbox later." And your required sellers permit number is? Bye!!!

Second is the guy pulling up to the opposite side of the gas station pumps, nicely dressed, and nice late model suv. "I need gas desperately and don't have any money. I'll give you my gold necklace if you will help me out." More chatter about how he needs gas to make it 300 miles to Chicago. Decided not to inquire why anyone would go to the crime and murder capital of the Midwest. Figured it was a scam, but felt pity for him & gave him $10 cash. Rewarded with many thanks, and many God bless you's, and a gold necklace. Stuffed it in my jeans pocket, helmet on, gloves on, bike started, and rode off. Later showed it to a friend that points out it's marked 14K gold. Fantastic, now I'm the jerk that took advantage of someone that was sincerely needing help. Next morning I visit the jewelry store looking for information, real or fake. 15 seconds later I'm told it's fake, they are hearing other similar stories. She also mentioned most are marked 18K.

Another similar scam is "driver" pulls up requesting money for gas as the lady is placing her purchases in her vehicle. In this case she said NO! Driver speeds away, my guess is a "yes"would set her up to have her purse snatched.

I'll skip adding details of the numerous emails telling you complete the form for your Walmart gift card, or that your Amazon account is frozen, just give us all your personal information and account numbers.

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here is one we have been getting a lot of lately:
Your PC Subscription Renewal done Your PC Subscription Renewal done
Martinl Rochesterp <[email protected]>
Mon, Jul 25, 8:46 AM (10 days ago)
to nortonconsumer07, bcc: me


Invoice No. – NRT96FJD56

Dear Member,

This is a confirmation email for your auto-renewal of support plus [1year plane] with us.

We have processed your account with $ 289.00 USD



TOTAL COST: $ 289.00 USD


**To Upgrade/Cancel your purchase or if you want any changes then

You can reach us at: + 1 - ( 805 ) - ( 262 ) - ( 7103 ) TOLL FREE

*If this order is not placed by you or if you think someone is gaining access to your Norton account to make a purchase then please feel free to reach us to cancel anytime and get a refund.




and you all know the classic "nigerian"? well this one is like that...but looses itself about half way through. sent from Gmail but the return address is a yahoo!! LOL! cheap entertainment:

Good news from Mrs. Anna mustafa.


Ms Anna Mustafa <[email protected]>
Jul 14, 2022, 5:55 AM

to bcc: me

Good news.

My dear friend how are you today, I hope you still remember me? My
name is Mrs Anna Mustafa, the widow suffering from cancer. I contacted
you some time ago for my donation and establishment of a charity
foundation in your country. Well, I am happy to inform you that I
have succeeded in transferring the fund to (SOUTHWEST INDIAN
FOUNDATION MISSION) for charity purpose.

Presently I will be traveling to India tomorrow for a better treatment
of cancer. Meanwhile I could not forget your past effort and you good
heart to help me on this charity foundation though, I have a good news
for you, I have instructed my Bank to issue you a Cashier Cheque which
valued the amount of US$35000 dollars for your compensation because,
you were the first person I contacted for this charity work. Please
accept it and always remember me in your prayers.

Please after withdrawing the money in your bank; please donate $5000
to any Orphanage Home around you.

Address: Avenue 17 Rue 23, Treichville,
Abidjan Cote D’Ivoire
Bishop San lorenzo
Email: [email protected]
Phone +225 0596572952

as I said earlier, I will be going to India tomorrow where I have been
recommended for a cancer operation and better treatment. Please always
pray for me to get well again so I can visit you and your family. I
will contact you form India after my operation.

God bless you
Mrs Anna Mustafa

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Last month check washing became popular in the town where my mother lives. The most recent episode involved checks stolen from an outside mail box belonging to a landscaping company.

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In the last 6 months i have received 2 fake letters from the IRS requesting a verification of all personal info to give me another refund. The envelope does not have the proper return address and the website in the letter is not a .gov, otherwise these letters look genuine.

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I go with what feels right. At the gas station, outside of a restaurant, always loud, always desperate. I need help. Five dollars for gas to get home 300 miles from here. Heard it so many times, my answer. Things are tough all over. Then, I overhear a guy at the cash register in a gas station, having a hard time with his card. Seemed a little slow or handicapped. He never asked, more than one of us offered to pay for gas to get him home. Some times you feel right about it. The vet at the intersection, no chair, no set up, cold rain. Circle back and drop off a bag of hot food. Maybe I'm being made the fool but, I go with what feels right.
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