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AZ Lead ban

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Ban On Lead Ammunition Being Discussed

by Arizona Game and Fish Commission

Please Attend the Commission Meeting and Voice Your Opposition!​

As we informed you earlier this week, on Friday, January 18, 2008, the Arizona Game and Fish Commission (AZGFC) will be holding a public meeting to discuss issues concerning gun owners and hunters. Of greatest interest are briefings on shooting range funding and development (Item #3) as well as general issues associated with lead from spent ammunition (Item #10). Since last year, when California passed its unjustified ban on lead ammunition for all hunting in condor range, the NRA has been keeping a close eye on the same issue in Arizona. The Grand Canyon State has an experimental population of condors and some extremists in Arizona are advocating for a California-style ban! While the Commission agenda does not specifically mention a potential ban in Item #10, gun owners and hunters must be vigilant to ensure that this bad public policy does not spread!

The most current science on the subject concludes that the claim implicating lead ammunition as a major source of elevated lead in free-ranging condors is not supported by the reports introduced into the public policy debate thus far. The so-called “science” that the animal “rights” and environmental extremists have been citing throughout the process has been proven to be agenda-driven.

This evening Thursday, January 17, Todd Rathner NRA board member, will be on www.nranews.com (Sirius Patriot Radio Channel 144) to discuss the issues that will be coming before the commission tomorrow morning. The program will air at 8:40pm/MST

It is absolutely critical that NRA members and hunters fill the meeting room in order to counter the high-pressure scare tactics of the environmental extremists! Let the Commissioners hear from you! Tell them that the best available science does not justify a prohibition of lead ammunition and that the current voluntary program in the condor range is working well. Mandatory bans have no place in Arizona!

Arizona Game and Fish Commission Meeting

Friday, January 18, 2008

8:00 a.m.

Arizona Game and Fish Department

5000 W. Carefree Highway

Phoenix, AZ 85086

You can find the Commission Agenda at: http://www.azgfd.gov/inside_azgfd/documents/080119CommissionAgenda.pdf

If you are unable to attend, please contact the Arizona Game and Fish Commission. Contact information can be found by visiting http://www.azgfd.gov/inside_azgfd/agency_directory.shtml, or at (602) 942-3000.

Just freaking great this state is trying to follow California.
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Isn't lead found natuarlly everwhere? Now if it was depleted urainium bullets....

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